The Ultimate Online Kindergarten Readiness Program!

Benefits of Using Our Ultimate Kindergarten Readiness Learning Folder especially designed for children in the age group of 2.5-5years. Other than the fact that it’s fun and colorful, let me share some of the benefits of our Ultimate Kindergarten Readiness Learning Folder.

There is no writing is required . Most preschoolers are still developing their writing skills and are not ready for worksheets. This interactive learning binder allows them to learn through conversation and moving pieces.

It covers a lot of material and allows use for a wide spectrum of ages. Kindergarten is anywhere between the ages of 2.5-5yrs. There are vast developmental capabilities within those ages. This Ultimate Kindergarten Readiness Learning Folder can be used for kids at the beginning and end of that spectrum.

This resource gives parents a guide of what to teach their preschooler. It incorporates fine motor skills. Even if you child is not fully understanding all the concepts, they are moving the pieces and exercising their fine motor as well as, pincer skills.

What age should I start Preschool Instruction? This is another question I’m asked regularly. I think the official Kindergarten age is between 2.5-5yrs but you can start teaching your child anytime you want! You can call this your ultimate toddler teaching guide. If they are ready and eager to learn, go for it!

Keep in mind, every child is unique and develops at different rates. Making it fun and being sensitive to their capabilities will ensure that their first learning experiences are good.

How to use Our Ultimate Kindergarten Readiness Learning Folder. We typically introduce this folder when our kids are either two or three, depending on their readiness. Usually, I sit with them and talk about the page they are working on, or sing a little song to help them learn their letters.

I like to ask questions like:

* What color is that?
* Can you name the shapes?
* What letter does the word ‘sun’ start with?
* Can you think of another word that rhymes with ‘cat’?
* What number comes before 5?
* What number comes after?

And other times, I would let them go through the folder on their own.

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