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"Ultimate Education Support Center" is the brainchild of Nishat.She has left no stone unturned in running it effectively to benefit children, parents and educators.Nishat is an IGCSE certified teacher, groomed by University of Cambridge to teach English to kids.She is certified story educator certified by Kathalaya, affiliated to "The International Institute of Storytelling Tennessee", U.S.A. She has been conducting regular workshops for children during summers and is passionate about children's education in the true sense of the word.Nishat is a trained storyteller, a story lover, and a firm believer in the power of stories. A post- graduate in Biochemistry and English, an ESOL examiner from the University of Cambridge, her love for children made her an educator. It was a natural transition for her from being a teacher, to being a storyteller and performer.She has an amazing ability to make an instant connection with children. She often uses voice modulation as an aid for storytelling, and her performances are a treat for the senses, as she brings her stories alive with poetry, glove puppets, and songs. Nishat has a vast experience in training teachers on a variety of topics in schools like Asia pacific world school, Diya Academy and too many pen down.Nishat also helps teachers integrate stories into education. She also trains aspiring storytellers, both adult and children. One of her very famous workshops include puppetry for teachers and parents. During this workshop teachers and parents are taught to make 10 puppets and are also given hands on experience in using puppets effectively while telling stories.
Nishat plays a pivotal role as a teacher assessor since she believes that there is a major need by the administration to assess teachers on their ability to engage students inside their classroom for effective teaching.Nishat's feedbacks are used by school managements as an important tool in order for teachers to get a learners perspective. “When properly administered and interpreted, the survey conducted by Nishat serves as an important source of information for identifying exemplary teachers who display commendable teaching skills.” Student feedback is one way to measure a teacher's ability to engage with the class, the credibility of student feedback is a controversial topic as some students may play favorites and may not provide a valid feedback. Hence Nishat's role as a visiting faculty teacher assessor for quality check in schools becomes more important. By reviewing a teacher's syllabus and lesson plan Nishat can assess how much a lesson plan actively engages students based on their own teaching styles. Once teachers are assessed on their ability to engage students by Nishat, it is at this point when teachers can cross examine feedback and then grow and better motivate their students who want to participate in class.Nishat is certified diploma holder as she has completed her "Cambridge International Diploma" for Teachers and Trainers with a distinction in Evaluation and Assessment modules.
Nishat runs customized English enrichment programs called the Ultimate English Fun Xpress for age groups between ( 4 to 15yrs) as a part of a hobby hour using various preschools and schools across Bangalore as her Venue partner for Grades (UKG, 1 to 10). This programe can be done as a one day workshop or can be spread over a month and can run as a programe stretched for three months as well. At the end of the three months the children usually perform for the parents.Nishat spreads the magic of stories through her dream initiative Ultimate Education Support Center.

Client Testimonial

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“Awesome sessions. I liked it - by Samyak Holla for Children's Day Storytelling Special organized by UE SC Bangalore”

— Samyak Holla
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“Performance is a completely inadequate word to describe the relationship you had with the children."Even children sit still and listen when this woman spins a yarn", fantastic Nisha, always looking forward for more of your storytelling sessions! - by Tasneem for Aladdin and the magic lamp storytelling. organized by UE SC Bangalore .”

— - by Tasneem
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“Team UESC was absolutely fabulous. My little one thoroughly enjoyed the humor and the exquisite delivery during the Jungle book storytelling session! Nisha who runs UESC is a true storyteller who enters into the heart of her stories and has her audience in the palm of her hand.My little one eagerly keeps waiting for Nisha to announce her next storytelling session and is a regular at all her storytelling sessions.Can't wait to be apart of her upcoming storytelling session "Aladdin and the Magic lamp"!A small request to Nisha would be to please, please ,please have your storytelling sessions more often! - by Ishita for Aladdin and the magic lamp storytelling. organized by UE SC Bangalore .”

— Ishita
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“I have a four year old niece who is a regular to all of UESC's events. She loves listening to stories narrated by team UESC.Be it their Charlie and the chocolate factory event or their peppa pig event, my niece keeps waiting to hear from team UESC about their latest telling. This time the jungle book seems to be gearing her up and she is super excited to be apart of this show! The best thing about UESC events is that they limit their number to a small group only. Hence children get personalized attention during their sessions. Learning happens by chance! My niece has been enjoying their shows and she loves to work on the worksheets formulated by this team! Kudos Ultimate Education Support Center keep up the great work for kids! Looking forward to another enthralling session of "The Jungle Book"storytelling. - by Moinuiddin for The Jungle Book Storytelling organized by UE SC Bangalore ..”

— Moinuiddin
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“Hi,I love all her storytelling sessions, mostly I use her stories to practice telling stories with my nephew and niece. The kids all enjoy her sessions and look forward to her choice of stories. All I can say is WOW.. Ive never seen my niece and nephew connect with a story like they do with her storytelling sessions.Highly recommend and hope to see more additions in the future! - by Padma Priya for Peppa pig storytelling,puppetry and clay-modelling on children's demand again! organized by UE SC Bangalore ..”

— Padma Priya
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“Hi, I just showed interest in adding this event and I received a call for details. I found myself sharing about the silly fights i have recently had with my hubby which started affecting our relationship. Thanks to Ms Nisha who was generous to give her time to counsel me over the phone purely with an intention to help. I truly value your time Ms Nisha. I will apply the techniques you have given to calm myself when angry along with other things we discussed. It was very easy to open up and share everything with you and I am glad to find someone who understands. I will follow all you recommended and i know i will enjoy a harmonious relationship with my husband again. Gratitude - by Pakhi for Workshop to strengthen relationship organized by UE SC Bangalore ..”

— Pakhi
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